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    Services Offered


    Having leased out thousands of vacancies, Red Oak has a complete understanding of how to maximize the value of your unit. Sometimes a few small changes can make a big difference. Other times, an expensive upgrade might not help your ROI. We’ll provide you with tailored recommendations personalized to your unit, that if implemented will add value.

    Rent Comparables

    We offer an in-depth analysis of your vacancies in a market that is constantly changing from week to week, block to block, and unit to unit. We utilize our high-level data metrics to give you insights you can trust to minimize risk, maximize profits, and drive further growth.

    Professional Photography

    It goes without saying, one of the most important factors for prospective tenants when looking for a new home is the photos they see online. We pride ourselves on having professionally taken, top-of-the-line photographers for every unit, no matter the condition or location. We have in-house professional photographers on standby, ready to take photos of your vacancies.

    Virtual Staging

    Virtual staging is a helpful feature in maximizing unit traffic. This allows prospective tenants to better understand the space and design of their unit, as well as get a better grasp of how each apartment can suit their specific needs.

    Property Videos/Virtual Tours

    Property videos and virtual tours allow prospects to make quicker decisions on their next home by giving them a better understanding of each rental space before they step through the door. In today's digital age, tenants like to know how a unit can fit their specific needs before taking time out of their days for an in-person tour.


    Red Oak’s marketing department ensures that our listings are seen by as many eyes as possible. Our listings are posted to all major real estate websites and are syndicated as verified listings.

    Additionally, our email campaigns reach over 200,000 active prospective renters and use an algorithm to show units that fit each recipient's rental criteria.

    We also offer beautiful signs, physically placed on each property allowing for maximum exposure to foot traffic.

    Multiple People
    Showing Each Unit

    Enjoy having twice the showing availability with half the stress! More availability means a quicker turnaround for your vacancies. Red Oak works with an extensive network of highly trained showing specialists who are all assigned to each vacancy. Unlike the conventional method of having one showing agent per unit, we deploy a whole team of showing specialists assigned to each one of your units to minimize the time your unit is on the market.

    Renter Application

    We use innovative technology to streamline the rental application process. The extensive nature of our operation ensures that you receive only qualified tenants, which removes the hassle of sorting through ineligible applications. Applicants fill out a one-time, detailed renter application that is good for 30-days and transferable to each property. The application gives an in-depth description of each applicant including their credit score, public records, income, criminal background, employment verification, and tenancy. Gone are the days of tenants being able to falsify records.

    Assistance With Lease Signing & Collecting Move In Funds

    First impressions matter. It’s crucial that the move-in process is seamless for both the tenant and management company. At Red Oak, we make sure that all parties are satisfied with the move-in date and that signed leases are completed in a timely manner. Pleasing both the landlord and the tenant is our number one priority.

    Personal Concierge

    Each client feels like our only client. When you give us your listing, we assign a dedicated account representative to give you weekly updates that contain information about recent showings, market analytics, submitted applications, and personalized recommendations. This feedback not only keeps you properly informed but also allows you to make confident decisions in an ever-changing market.


    Red Oak has worked with a variety of vendors over the years and built a vast network of close relationships. We only collaborate with top-tier professionals who are proven to be the best in the business. For any specific aspect of the leasing and management process, we know the best point of contact to get the job done.

    Reasons Why You Should Use Us

    We know there are different leasing companies available, but here is why Red Oak is the one for you.

    Results Before Payment

    No need for monthly retainers! We are a results-first company, so we only get paid when you do!


    In-Depth Tenant Vetting

    We take the stress of tenant vetting off your shoulders. Our in-house applications team will send you pre-qualified tenants based on your qualifications, which pending your approval will help you achieve consistent revenue. 


    "Set It and Forget It!"

    Once we start working together, the only thing you have to do is to pick you favorite of the many applications we send you.


    Increase Your Revenue

    Each day your vacancy sits on the market is a day you’re not maximizing your ROI. By quickly finding a qualified tenant, you can start collecting rent sooner.


    Non-Exclusive Partnership

    Add us in with your in-house team with no issues. You can also hire another company in addition to us (although you won't need it).


    Our Super Charged Network

    We utilize a network that reaches 5 Million+ active renters to ensure a flurry of quality applications for each one of your units. 


    Areas We Service

    Red Oak leases properties throughout all of California, giving us a comprehensive understanding of various sub-markets. No property is out of our range. We take pride in being able to offer our services to clients in all neighborhoods throughout the state.

    Los Angeles

    San Diego

    San Francisco

    Orange County

    Santa Barbara

    Our Pricing


    Red Oak is always FREE for tenants. Rental Applications are good for 30 days and transferable to any listing with a one-time fee exclusively payable to the application hosting provider.


    Charging on a per commission basis ONLY, Red Oak works non-exclusively to get your vacancies filled as quickly and efficiently as possible. Fees depend on location and quantity of units.

    Personalized Leasing Quote

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